Lava Flow
Hawaii Island, home to Kilauea Volcano, holds immense geothermal potential.         Photo credit: Extreme Exposure

County of Hawaii Department of Research and Development

Located in the center of the Pacific Rim, Hawaii Island is more than twice the size of all other Hawaiian Islands combined. With 63% of the state’s land area, Hawaii Island presents unique resources and abundant opportunities.

Hawaii Island’s two massive mountains rise over 13,000-feet above sea level and host international scientific research that has led to significant discoveries for mankind. The diverse marine life found alongside coastal communities and rapid access to deep-ocean depths allow for advanced study, applied research and thoughtful commercial development.

Youngest, tallest and biggest with all but two of the world’s climate zones, Hawaii Island’s exceptional natural environment and rich natural resources offer compelling and competitive opportunities for investment, innovation and global impact.

Hawaii Island leads the way in natural energy production and is the ideal research and development test bed for renewable energy and clean technologies. And with a relatively uniform length of day and temperature, Hawaii Island delivers excellent growing conditions for its agricultural industries.

The mission of the Department of Research and Development is to promote and facilitate sustainable economic development for the County of Hawaii that is consistent in honoring its communities’ needs, priorities and values. With offices located in Hilo and in Kona, the Department of Research and Development encourages diversity and innovation.outlookindia